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Travel Opportunities

One part of The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts experience which is unlike any other college, are our extensive travel opportunities. The Young Americans currently have programs across five continents, including tours to Japan, The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, Mainland Europe, and, of course, throughout the United States, including our two Summer Camps tours. The best part, The Young Americans themselves have the privilege of staying with host families in the countries we visit. This is an incredible way to experience the diverse cultures of our world, all while being ambassadors and spreading our positive influence through music.


United States of America (37 states) & Canada


Austria, Estonia, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

The World is Waiting

One of the best educations you can receive is to travel and study abroad. Our students have the chance to travel to Mainland Europe, Japan, or across the United States within their first year of enrollment.


China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Russia, Ukraine


Morocco, South Africa


Australia, New Zealand