Student Services

Here in the Student Services department we pride ourselves on our students’ growth and achievements. While attending The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts we have a number of services designed to empower, inspire, and encourage our young performers as they navigate life as college student and and as a Young American. Below you find a list these services along with brief descriptions. This page will be updated periodically as we grow and develop new ways for our students be successful. Have a great day and we hope to see you around campus soon!

Empower, Inspire, and Encourage

New Student Orientation

Prior to commencement of instruction, freshman students complete a series of orientation sessions including student housing, campus operations, and College preparation.

Success Coaching

Once student class placement and enrollment is completed, students meet with a success coach to review schedule and devise time management and priority management plans. Students with a high school GPA of less than 3.0 are required to complete this.

Sophomore students engaging in practicum studies or online courses are required to complete success coaching prior to commencement of instruction.


Counseling services are available to support students with mental health concerns. Services are available via phone for students who are off campus. All counseling needs are contracted with BetterHelp.

Tutoring Centers

Available each semester and staffed with faculty, peer tutors and community/alumni volunteers. Tutoring centers provide support for students in specific curriculum areas or general writing and study support.

Faculty Office Hours

Faculty members are required to maintain office hours each week to support students needing assistance outside of class time.

Library Resource Support

Library services link curriculum needs to student resources for learning and research support. Virtual library is available 24/7.

Campus Access

The campus is open for student use until midnight each evening. Students have full access to labs, classrooms, private practice rooms, resource room, and rehearsal studios.