Certificate Program

These series of courses are required before students are eligible to audition for Outreach Tours. The training certificate is focused on developing performance skills, teaching techniques, and artistic growth.

Upon completion of the Music Outreach Tour Training Certificate the student will obtain:

  • The level suitable for participation in The Young Americans Music Outreach Tours.
  • Vocal skills for both solo and ensemble work.
  • General dance and movement skills.
  • Demonstrate artistic integrity and authenticity in performance.
  • Introduction to stagecraft and touring production skills.
  • Reading sheet music and understanding music theory at an intermediate level.
  • Working knowledge of health and safety skills necessary to protect the performers’ mind and body.
  • Personal and child development in conjunction with teaching methodologies to advance communication skills with peer performers, directors and workshop participants.


All courses within the Music Outreach Certificate Program can also be found in the Associate of Arts in Performance, but they represent two distinct programs. Students pursuing the Associate of Arts aim for a degree that serves as a foundation for future academic objectives, such as obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, pursuing a teaching certification, advancing to Masters-level studies, and beyond. Conversely, students targeting the Music Outreach Certificate Program primarily focus on performing with the Young Americans. The certificate earned from this program is not transferable to other academic institutions, and students seeking the certificate are not eligible for financial aid.

Student must be a U.S. Citizen.

The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts reserves the right to alter curriculum as needed.

Certificate Program • 22 Units • All Courses Required

MUS 101 Music Fundamentals – 3 credits
MUS 102 Music Theory I – 3 credits
MUS 112 Private Vocal Instruction – 2 credits
MUS 131 Choral – 2 credits
MUS 141 Vocal Techniques I – 1 credit
MUS 150 Beginning Group Piano* – 0.5 credit
MUS 203 Aural Skills I – 0.5 credit
MUS 290 Teaching Practicum – 2 credits
DAN 120 Classical Ballet I* – 1 credit
DAN 121 Jazz Dance I* – 1 credit
THE 105 Acting I: Intro to Acting – 1 credit
THE 175 Intro to Technical Production – 1 credit
EDU 101 Child & Adolescent Development in Learning Environments – 3 credits
HUM 101 Success Skills for College and Beyond – 1 credit