Veterans & Active Military

YA students utilizing veteran benefits will need to submit the VA Registration/Certification form each semester in order to have their credits certified by YACPA to the VA. Please print, complete and submit the form to Kisha Bashkiharatee, VA Representative at YACPA.

Veterans Programs


This federal program provides educational benefits for veterans who entered military service after July 1, 1985. Veterans who entered military service before January 1, 1977 and served actively for at least 2 years after July 1, 1985 may also be eligible.


This federal program provides educational benefits to eligible disabled veterans.


This federal program is for students who have served on active duty after 9/10/01 for: a minimum of 90 aggregate days (excluding entry level and skill training); and at least 30 continuous days if discharged for a service-connected disability.


This federal program provides educational benefits to children between ages 18 and 26, spouses, and widows/widowers of totally disabled or deceased veterans.


This federal program provides educational benefits to persons who entered a six year selected reserve obligation after July 1, 1985 and completed Active Duty for Training. This includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp. and Coast Guard Reserves, as well as the Army National Guard and the Air Guard.

Applying for Educational Benefits for the First Time

  1. Complete the VA application online or a hard copy can be printed, completed, and sent in to the VA to apply for educational benefits.
  2. Bring in or mail a copy of the VA application for education benefits to the Admissions Office, 1112 Olympic Drive, Corona, CA 92881 along with a copy of veteran’s DD214.
  3. Contact the YA Veteran Advisor, Christal Kirk ([email protected]) for a list of additional documents needed for your file.
  4. If you have not received notice of approval for benefits from the VA after 4-6 weeks, contact the VA Office at (888) 442-4551.
  5. Complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) at


When completing the FAFSA, do NOT include funds received from these resources as income: VA education benefits under chapters 1606, 1607, 30, 33, 35, Section 903, REPS, ROTC (title 10 chapter 2), ROTC (title 37 chapter 2) and chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits.

Continuing Your Educational Benefits

Student will need to contact the Veteran Advisor every term that they would like to utilize their educational benefits.


Role of the College

The role of the College is to certify your enrollment each semester to the VA and to monitor any changes in enrollment. We also assess academic progress after each semester.  All other correspondence and communication is directly between you and the VA.  However, we will be happy to try and answer questions you may have.


Amount of Educational Benefits

The amount of monthly benefit is dependent upon the VA educational program you qualified under and the number of credit hours you enroll in each semester. Current rates are available online at


Maximum Number of Credit Hours for Educational Benefits

Students may only receive veteran’s educational benefits at YACPA for degree program requirements. At the point a student completes the requirements, eligibility for benefits at YACPA ceases.  A student may request approval by the VA for a change in program of study. The form “Request for Change of Program or Place of Training” will need to be on file at YACPA as well as the new evaluated plan for new program of study.

Federal regulations require that students receiving veterans’ educational benefits must be making satisfactory academic progress toward completion of their program.  The satisfactory academic progress policy for students receiving veterans’ educational benefits at YACPA can be found in the Academic Catalog.


Change in Program or Place of Training

The VA generally allows students to change their degree program. Students must file VA Form 22-1995 to request a program change and meet with the Veteran Advisor to create an evaluated educational plan for new program of study.

Students planning to enroll at another college after completion of their coursework at YACPA should complete VA Form 22-1995 to request approval for a change in place of training. Contact the Veteran Advisor for more information.


Course Withdrawal and Mitigating Circumstances

At the beginning of each semester, the VA School Certifying Official forwards an Enrollment Certification to the VA certifying the number of semester credit hours for each student eligible for educational benefits.  If at any point a student drops credit hours or withdraws from class(es), the college must inform the VA.  If, by dropping credit hours, a veteran changes his/her enrollment status, the result may be an overpayment that the veteran will be required to repay to the VA unless there are “mitigating” circumstances.

Examples of mitigating circumstances are prolonged illness, severe illness or death in the immediate family, and unscheduled changes in your employment or work schedule.  Unacceptable mitigating circumstances include withdrawal to avoid a failing grade, dislike of instructor, or too many courses attempted.

In a situation regarding mitigating circumstances, you will need to contact the VA. You will have to establish, in writing, that you withdrew for a reason that was beyond your control.


Veterans Administration Regional Office
11000 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(888) 442-4551 (Educational Benefits #)

Academic/Veteran Advisor

Christal Kirk
Email: [email protected]