Our Mission

To provide members of The Young Americans with a performance-based education emphasizing artistry, leadership, communication, and collaboration. The Associate of Arts and certificate programs of study offered provide developing artists with skills, knowledge, and experiences that will be foundational for their future as performers, teachers and leaders.

Educational Objectives

Artistry: Students will develop their artistic voice and gain an acute awareness, understanding, appreciation and expression of the performing arts.

Leadership: Students will develop and demonstrate application of ethical decision making, defined values system, diversity of knowledge and understanding of management and team leadership.

Global Perspective: Students will develop skills that allow them to effectively and professionally work across cultural boundaries.

Continuous Learning: Students will develop critical analysis skills and be able to apply these skills to a life-long pursuit of knowledge.

The Purpose

The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts exists to provide members of The Young Americans with a learning environment that reinforces the YA experience of innovative and creative learning with academic rigor that advances artistry and leadership skills to establish each student as a lifelong learner.

Formed as a specialty school, The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts blends the concepts of theoretical learning with practical application. It is our belief that an education with an emphasis on the performing arts enables the student to develop diversity in their thought process, communication skills, and approach to problem solving – skills vital to success in today’s global community.