Code of Ethics

Please read through and complete the policy agreements below.


  • Introduction
    The Young Americans have spent 5 decades building a reputation of excellence. It is this reputation that allows us to be welcomed into communities, schools, and host family homes around the world. In order to maintain this reputation there are two basic rules all cast members of The Young Americans have been asked to follow:

    • Do not do anything illegal.
    • Do not do anything that reflects poorly on the organization.
    The world today, however, is far more complex.

    Below is the detailed code of ethics that all active cast members, volunteers, and students are held to. These are guidelines intended to help cast members make decisions that align with the two rules that have guided the organization from its beginning.

    1. While representing The Young Americans, each member is expected to carry him or herself in a way that upholds the reputation and mission of The Young Americans.

      Our Mission:
      The Young Americans is dedicated to the promotion of understanding and goodwill among people throughout the world through music, dance, performance, academic education, and cultural interaction among student members and their audiences.

      While representing The Young Americans students must:
      • Refrain from endorsing, promoting or condemning any political, religious, criminal, or controversial content or agendas.
      • Refrain from soliciting personal business ventures.
      • Adhere to The Young Americans Social Media policies.
      • Refrain from the use of alcohol on campus, in student housing, at performance venues, or during any Young Americans project.
      • Refrain from any use of illicit drugs, including but not limited to marijuana.

    2. Members are responsible for maintaining a safe environment conducive to learning, performing, and teaching.
      • When representing The Young Americans members must refrain from:
        • Bringing weapons (knives, firearms, or any other items classified as a weapon) on to campus or any Young Americans performance or teaching venue.
        • Engaging in unprofessional or romantic relationships with faculty, staff, sponsored school employees, workshop participants, or members of host families.
    3. As the apartments allocated are spread throughout the complex, each student lives among other families and working adults and as such their lifestyle choices represent The Young Americans organization. Any student who resides in or visits the apartment complex is agreeing to abide by the published student housing rules. Students, who feel they are unable to follow these rules, should NOT live in or visit student housing.

      • Observe apartment complex quiet hours 9pm to 7am.
      • Refrain from using illicit drugs or alcohol.
      • Observe hours for all pool and hot tub areas.
      • Be sure that no more than 9 people are in an apartment at a time.
      • Refrain from hanging items over balcony or patio fencing.
      • Refrain from leaving trash outside the unit door.
      • Overnight guests need to be approved by all roommates and The Young Americans.

    4. Any violation of the Housing Rules may result in eviction and/or supplemental sanctions.

    5. The Young Americans views all members who work with minors as child abuse reporters and as such have the duty to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the company manager, tour director, or the Dean of Students.
    6. Members of The Young Americans will adhere to any and all laws applicable in whatever local, state, federal, or international venues where they are representing the organization.

      The Young Americans reserve the right to require students to submit to random drug screening and may prevent students from engaging in classes, performances, teaching workshops, or other YA activities if a test result is positive. This policy includes, but is not limited to, testing positive for marijuana, even with a medicinal prescription or when in states where marijuana use is legal.

      Tests can be given at any time with or without prior notice.

    SANCTIONS: Any violation of the above the code of conduct will result in one of the following sanctions:

    • Formal warning – A notice in writing to the member that the member is violating or has violated organizational regulations and that any future violation(s) may result in more serious sanctions. Violating member can also be removed from any current projects, including outreach tours. Formal warnings have no time limit associated with them and will be kept in the member’s file.

    • Seven days suspension YA activites – Separation of the member from The Young Americans for one week, after which, the member is eligible to return.  Violating member can also be removed from any current projects, including outreach tours. Conditions for return may be specified.  Enacting suspension requires review and approval of the Executive Director.

    • Thirty days suspension and/or removal from housing – Separation of the member from The Young Americans for thirty days, after which the member is eligible to return. Immediate eviction from housing and member is no longer eligible for housing in the future.  Violating member can also be removed from any current projects, including outreach tours. Conditions for return may be specified.  Enacting suspension requires review and approval of both the College President and the Executive Director.

    • Indefinite suspension of no less than of one year – Immediate surrender of all rights and privileges of membership in The Young Americans community and exclusion from the campus, from any Young Americans’ property and from all Young Americans functions. Student is also immediately and indefinitely suspended from and courses with The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts.  Conditions for return may be specified. Enacting suspension requires review and approval of both the College President and the Executive Director.

    • Supplemental Sanctions – any of the following may be imposed in connection with the above:
      • Work assignments
      • Service to The Young Americans or community
      • Fines, restitution for loss, damage, or injury
      • Educational sanctions (e.g., written response to posed questions)
      • Academic Sanctions (e.g., revocation of degrees, removal from classroom/courses)
      • No trespassing order
      • Loss of visitation rights to Young Americans provided housing

      Note: Parents/guardians may be notified when students are found responsible for, but limited to, any drug and/or alcohol related violations.

    Grievance Procedure: Procedures for addressing alleged ethical violations are covered in The Young Americans publications, including the College catalog.

    • Minor Violations: The Dean of Students will contact the volunteer, member or student and schedule an in-person conference to address the reported violation.
    • Major Violations: The Dean of Students will schedule an in-person conference with the CEO, Chief Artistic Officer, and/or President of the College to address the reported violation.

    The Dean of Students along with members of the Executive staff may choose to impose any of the corrective action guidelines detailed in section 4.2 of The Young Americans Policy and Procedure Handbook.

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