Tuition & Housing Costs

Below are the 2019–2020 costs for The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts for students beginning their enrollment in Fall 2019.

Tuition & Fees

For all programs:
Tuition: $310 per credit


Fees applied to all students:
Background Check Fee: $45 per prospective student
Enrollment Fee: $150 per prospective student, submitted with Enrollment Decision

Student Success Fee: $30 per credit
Library Fee: $12 per credit
Enrollment Fee: $28 per credit
Building & Technology Fee: $30 per credit
Costume Fee: $100

Fees for specific courses:
Semi-Private Voice: $20
Private Voice: $20
Success Skills for College and Beyond: $5
Vocal Techniques I/II/III: $20
Piano: $20

Housing Costs

Security Deposit:
Freshman: $750 per student
Sophomores: $550 per student
(a portion of this may be returned or credited at the end of the lease term depending on the condition of the apartment)

Housing Fees:
Freshman: $7,975 per student
● 2 bedroom unit | 4 students per unit
● Lease term is for full academic year
● Billed in two installments – fall and spring
● Includes rent and utilities as listed below

Sophomores: $3,650 per student
● 2 bedroom unit | 4 students per unit
● Lease term is by academic semester
● Billed in a single installment for the semester
● Includes rent and utilities as listed below

Internet, Gas, Water, Trash & Electricity: Included in rates above. Students may be charged additional fees if average monthly utility cost per student exceeds $80.

These costs apply only to those students planning to utilize YA student housing.

Tuition and housing costs listed above do not include costs for textbooks, food, furnishings, personal costumes, and personal care items. Please include a budget for these items when calculating your overall costs for the YA program.

Cost Estimate for First-Year Students Beginning in Fall 2019
The amounts listed below do not consider transfer credits, scholarships, and/or financial aid which may reduce the out-of-pocket expense.
First-Year Fall First-Year Spring Second-Year Resident Second-Year Practicum Estimated Totals
Tuition & Fees $7,035 $6,620 $7,400 $4,920 $25,975
Housing (Standard Unit) $4,700 $3,275 $3,650 $0 $11,625
Estimated Term Totals $11,735 $9,895 $11,050 $4,920 $37,600