Tuition & Housing Costs

Below are the 2019–2020 and 2020-2021 costs for The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts for students beginning their enrollment in Fall 2019 and Fall 2020.

Tuition & Fees

For all programs:
Tuition: $310 per credit


Fees applied to all students:
Background Check Fee: $45 per prospective student
Enrollment Fee: $150 per prospective student, submitted with Enrollment Decision

Student Success Fee: $30 per credit
Library Fee: $12 per credit
Enrollment Fee: $28 per credit
Building & Technology Fee: $30 per credit
Costume Fee: $100

Fees for specific courses:
Semi-Private Voice: $20
Private Voice: $20
Success Skills for College and Beyond: $5
Vocal Techniques I/II/III: $20
Piano: $20


Tuition and housing costs listed above do not include costs for textbooks, food, furnishings, personal costumes, and personal care items. Please include a budget for these items when calculating your overall costs for the YA program.

Housing Costs

Security Deposit:
Freshman: $750 per student
Sophomores: $550 per student
(a portion of this may be returned or credited at the end of the lease term depending on the condition of the apartment)

Housing Fees:
Freshman: $7,975 per student
● 2 bedroom unit | 4 students per unit
● Lease term is for full academic year
● Billed in two installments – fall and spring
● Includes rent and utilities as listed below

Sophomores: $3,650 per student
● 2 bedroom unit | 4 students per unit
● Lease term is by academic semester
● Billed in a single installment for the semester
● Includes rent and utilities as listed below

Internet, Gas, Water, Trash & Electricity: Included in rates above. Students may be charged additional fees if average monthly utility cost per student exceeds $80.

These costs apply only to those students planning to utilize YA student housing and are subject to change based on rental rates.

Cost Estimate for First-Year Students Beginning in Fall 2019 and Fall 2020
The amounts listed below do not consider transfer credits, scholarships, and/or financial aid which may reduce the out-of-pocket expense.
First-Year Fall First-Year Spring Second-Year Resident Second-Year Practicum Estimated Totals
Tuition & Fees $7,035 $6,620 $7,400 $4,920 $25,975
Housing (Standard Unit) $4,700 $3,275 $3,650 $0 $11,625
Estimated Term Totals $11,735 $9,895 $11,050 $4,920 $37,600