Student Housing

A major highlight of The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts is the opportunity our students have to live and grow together. In addition to our on-campus resources, many students also choose to live in student housing. Student apartments are just around the corner from our campus, and our current students can be seen walking, skateboarding, biking, and scootering to classes and rehearsals on a daily basis.

Fun Fact

The average U.S. college dorm room is 228 sq. ft. Our student apartments are 891 sq. ft.

Student Housing

The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts has made special arrangements with an apartment complex located a short walk from our rehearsal facility. These apartment facilities are gated and provide a clean, comfortable living environment. Each apartment will have two bedrooms with closets, two full bathrooms, and come furnished with a refrigerator, one twin bed (regular) per student, dishwasher, stove, in-unit washer and dryer, internet/WiFi connection, and access to a pool, hot tub, and fitness center.

The initial rental contract with The Young Americans will be for the freshman year. The lease term will commence late July and end late April. Students are required to have a cosigner regardless of age. For details on current pricing, visit our Tuition & Housing Costs page.

If a student needs to break their lease for any reason, they will be responsible for finding another eligible Young American to take their place, who will then sign a separate replacement lease with The Young Americans.

Southern California

Conveniently located near the ocean and surrounded by mountains - our campus location allows our students to enjoy everything Southern California has to offer! Whether hitting the slopes in the local mountains or riding the waves on the beach - it's all within an hour and a half drive!

There's a lot to see.

The city of Corona is located east of Orange County. A small city in a large metropolis, with many smaller towns and cities blending into each other, Corona offers a small town feeling with easy access to the big city. There is a lot to see and do, including Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Palm Springs, San Diego, Malibu, the ocean and lots of beaches. Also all of the great shows playing every week in Orange County and Los Angeles.

The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts

Our facility truly is a labor of love. Our goal is to make sure every dollar is used for our students' education.

Our Facilities

Our facility consists of dance studios, classrooms, technology lab, piano lab, student lounge, black box theatre, and more. We also house, on site, all 20,000+ costumes and multiple sets used for special concerts and our tours across the world.

Facility Layout

Student Resources

Private Practice Rooms: Four private practice rooms are available for student use. Each of these rooms is equipped with a digital or acoustic piano.

Dance Studios: Two 2,600 sq. ft. dance studios with sprung wooden floors, full-length mirrors, and ballet barres are open to student use when not in use by a scheduled class or rehearsal. Each room is equipped with a built-in sound system and an acoustic piano.

June & Margaret Piano Lab: This space has 16 student stations that feature weighted 88-key digital pianos with headphones connected to a teacher station using a lab controller. Students have access to the room when a class is not in session.

Black Box Studio: This space provides for a performance setting on campus separate from classrooms and is used for stagecraft courses as well as for recitals and jury performances. Students have access to room when a class is not in session. The room is equipped with portable staging, sound and lighting systems.

Classrooms: All classrooms are equipped with whiteboard, a digital or acoustic piano, digital projector, surround sound and an AV system to allow for CD or DVD playback. Students have access to these classrooms whenever a class is not in session.

Margaret Baldwin Computer Lab: This room, with 6 PC stations and 2 Mac stations, is designed to provide students with on-campus access to a computer, virtual library and printer.

Virtual Library: The online library supports all programs and degree levels at our institution. Professional librarians provide 7-day-aweek email reference. The online library gateway page in Populi, serves as a central access point for students to access the credible and reliable information sources managed by the librarians. The librarians have created library multi-media instructional tools, general orientation resources and program specific research guides to assist students in finding, evaluating and using the library e-resources effectively and efficiently.