You asked the questions, and The Young Americans team answered.

Q: When is the campus reopening? (August 2020)

A: Hopefully in Spring 2021, however, due to COVID-19’s continued impact, time frames are uncertain. Like every other one of the more than 4,000 institutions of higher education in the US, 2020 has been an extremely challenging year for our college. Each institution has had to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and many specific government mandates, keeping in mind the safety and well-being of students and faculty while still striving to create unique educational opportunities.

The Young Americans College has used recent months to reimagine its vibrant program and implement online and live-remote classes designed to closely match its traditional in-person experience as the region, the nation, and the world continues to seek paths past the pandemic.

Going forward, we continue to monitor local government and CDC guidance/recommendations and will assess reopening based on the guidelines provided.

Q: Are all courses available on-line?

A: Many classes are available on-line except for our dance courses, which require in-person class meetings. All the classes offered in the College curriculum are available to the incoming sophomore class.

We are also exploring ways that may enable the sophomores to be safely sequestered if necessary, for a period of time during the Spring Semester for purposes of completing their performance classes with live faculty.  Subject to the appropriate safety precautions, it may be possible for the sophomore students and a small number of performance faculty to be secluded at a large private residence with the requisite facilities for purposes of completing the performance classes.

Alternatively, and subject to safety considerations, the College may rent a number of timeshare units at a quiet resort if necessary, for purposes of enabling the students to complete their performance classes with live faculty.

We are also exploring the possibility of adding Master Classes to the College curriculum on screen writing, directing, producing, and the fundamentals of business law.  Certain alumni have already volunteered to teach the Masters Classes without charge to the College.  The fees for these classes will be very modest.

Q: Are freshman course available?

A: We are continuing to offer courses to our sophomore students for the remainder of 2020 and through Spring 2021 and look forward to our next freshman class starting in the Fall of 2021.

Q: How will classes like dance and theatre be taught?

A: Many classes are available on-line, apart from our dance courses, which require in-person class meetings. We eagerly look forward to when government guidelines allow classes like these to safely take place. Online classes are set up in a hybrid format which combines online learning as well as Zoom meetings 1-2 times per week. Our goal is to make these courses time flexible for our students.

Colleges and universities worldwide who are impacted by COVID-19 are converting their programs to online instruction. For now, this appears to be the global “new normal.” Our instructors have been working to shape and develop a new curriculum using industry best practices for high-quality online instruction.

Q: When the campus reopens, what will be done about COVID?

A: We will follow the CDC guidelines of social distancing, face masks, etc., to ensure our students and staff are protected. Additionally, we will clean classrooms and equipment between all classes.



Q:  We hear about so many places shutting down, is the college doing ok?

A: COVID-19 continues to have an enormous impact on all non-profit and performing arts organizations throughout the country and The Young Americans College of Performing Arts is no different. We have taken reasonable financial measures to ensure our continued operation and like others, hope to ride through this pandemic safely.

Q: Will the same teachers be present as before?

 A: Faculty have always been hired on an annual basis as needed. With no freshman class this fall, certain faculty members will not be returning. Faculty who teach sophomore-level courses will be returning as needed per enrollment levels. We hope with the freshman class in Fall 2021, many of our former faculty will be able to rejoin our team and possibly some new faculty recruits.

Q: Will COVID’s impact affect college’s accreditation?

A: Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), the accrediting commission for our institution, is aware of many colleges across the nation struggling with this issue, and we are working together with this body to ensure that our accreditation status remains unaffected.