NCMC Partnership

While participating in the Associate of Arts in Performance degree program, you can opt to concurrently enroll through NCMC and work toward earning an Associate Degree in General Studies. Students will not duplicate courses; all first year courses will be taught in our California classrooms.

Associate Degree in General Studies

The AGS is the most flexible degree option through NCMC and is earned by many students who wish to transfer to a college or university to complete a Bachelor’s Degree. To earn an AGS, a minimum of 60 college-level credits is required. In addition to the 48 credits students earn while participating in the Young Americans’ Associate of Arts in Performance program of study, an additional 12 credits must be taken directly through NCMC or another accredited college or university at any time before, during, or after your time with The Young Americans. Many courses are offered online throughout the fall, winter and summer NCMC sessions. Potential elective courses include: Art History, Intro to Marketing, Basic Photography, Intro to American Government, Principles of Management, and Children’s Literature. (Pre-requisites may be required.)

If students need assistance creating a personalized educational plan to complete the NCMC AGS after completing the partnership, students may contact Douglas Tippett, NCMC Advisor, at [email protected].


  • In the course of two years students can earn up to 48 credits of YA course work taken through NCMC. These credits will appear on a NCMC transcript and be eligible for transfer to other educational institutions.
  • Access to federal financial aid (grants and student loans) as a full-time NCMC student. Financial aid is available to qualified students enrolled in 6 or more North Central credit hours.
  • By taking an additional 12 credits of General Education courses directly through NCMC, students may earn an Associate Degree in General Studies. These credits can be taken online at any time or in person after leaving the YA program.


The following requirements are necessary to participate in the NCMC affiliation:

  • ACT or SAT Scores
    • ACT minimums: Reading: 21, English 18
      • Minimum Reading and English scores of 13 are acceptable, but will require an additional class
    • SAT Minimums
      • For new SAT launched in 2016: Writing/Language: 25, Reading: 25
        • Minimum scores of Writing/Language: 19, Reading: 14 are acceptable, but will require an additional class
      • For old SAT (prior to May 2016): English/Writing: 430, Reading: 450
        • Minimum scores of English/Writing: 340, Reading: 250 are acceptable, but will require an additional class
  • U.S. Citizenship (dual citizenship is acceptable)
    • TOEFL required for those whose native language is not English (min. score Paper 550, Computer-based 213, Internet-based 79)
  • Completion of NCMC application steps and acceptance into NCMC.