NCMC Application

Students choosing to participate in the YA-NCMC Partnership program have additional application steps to complete to become an NCMC student.

This includes completing the NCMC Application and submitting official transcripts, placement scores, and AP test scores (if applicable) to NCMC.  You will need to request your official documents be sent to both NCMC and YACPA.

Please visit: NCMC’s Young Americans webpage for additional instructions on the necessary steps for applying to NCMC, as well as the link to the specific application for YA students. We recommend completing these steps as soon as possible. When completing the application, on page two under “County of Residence”, the counties listed are counties in the state of Michigan. If you are not a Michigan resident you will need to select the first option, “Out of State County”.

Starting in April, we will begin receiving weekly reports from NCMC with students who are either pending or accepted by NCMC into the partnership program. (NCMC will communicate directly with you regarding your status.)

This step will not be marked completed on your YACPA Admissions Portal until we see your name on NCMC’s report of accepted students, which we will begin receiving in April.

Once you have been accepted to NCMC there is nothing further you need to do with them for your class enrollment, we will handle your enrollment for you. Also note that any questions you have regarding the status of your Student Loan application, Pell Grant, or other Federal Financial Aid will need to be directed to the Financial Aid office at NCMC (contact information is available on their website).