Welcome to The Young Americans
College of The Performing Arts

The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts is established as a conservatory style program of study for students who wish to combine intensive performing arts training with service based learning experiences that broaden understanding of the global community.

Accredited by ACCJC/WASC


Performance opportunities around the globe where students apply their technique and enhance their artistic expression. Performance opportunities begin in the first semester!


Associate of Arts in Performance Degree with emphasis options in vocal, dance, or acting disciplines. Curriculum develops technical proficiency and uses core academic courses to broaden knowledge and develop well-rounded artists.


In the second year students have opportunities to travel with The Young Americans. Currently, The Young Americans produces 12 tours a year visiting Japan, Europe, United Kingdom, South East Asia, and North America.


Integral to the YA experience are music outreach workshops in the communities visited around the world. Students apply leadership and communication skills as they work with school age kids and help them to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.