Interested in auditioning for The Young Americans? Here’s How!

There are 2 options for auditioning to become a member of The Young Americans:

Option 1: Audition in person

Option 2: Submit an audition video

Please see the sections below for more information on both of these audition options as well as what to prepare for your audition, where to submit letters of recommendation, and when the results of your audition will be sent.

What to Prepare

All applicants will be asked to sing. Please prepare your best 16 to 32 bars of a song, any style, which you will sing a capella (without music or accompaniment). Choose a song that you feel best shows your range, style, personality, and vocal ability. If you are a dancer please prepare a short dance routine showing your strongest styles (jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, locking, etc.) If time allows, you may have the opportunity to sing a second song and/or play an instrument.

1) Audition in Person

There are 3 options for auditioning in person. Auditions are open to High School juniors, seniors and graduates:

1. Audition at a U.S. Workshop
or Summer Camp: 

Attend one of our U.S. Workshops or Summer Camps as a participant and audition after the performance* – Highly Recommended  

Auditioning at an upcoming Workshop or Camp? Click the Audition Form link to submit your audition information.

To view the current tour schedules and find the Workshop or Camp nearest you, click the link below. *Workshop fees may apply – you may also audition without participating in the workshop.  

2. Audition at one of our Concert Performances:
Attend one of our Concert Performances, or Boyne Highlands Summer Dinner Theatre, and see us in the lobby before the show or during intermission to schedule an audition following the show.

1.  Click the Concert Performances link to view our upcoming performances

2.  Click the Audition Form link to submit your audition information prior to the concert

Click the Audition Form below to submit your audition information prior to the concert.

3. Audition following a Campus Tour:
Attend one of our college campus tours and you can audition right after your tour!

 1.  Click the Campus Tours link to schedule your Campus Tour & Audition

 2.  Click the Audition Form link to submit your audition information prior to your visit

2) Submit a Video

For candidates who cannot audition in person, or who reside outside the U.S., you may submit an audition video for consideration.

For candidates who wish to be considered for fall 2018, please submit your video by March 30th. For candidates who wish to be considered for fall 2019, please submit your video after June 1st, 2018 and before March 30th, 2019.

Please note that students must graduate High School, or equivalent, to attend our program. We prefer that international members be turning 18 within 6 months of starting our program.

Please fill out the video audition form below to provide your information and submit your video. Videos should be no more than five minutes in length.

Click the link below for more information on our video audition requirements and to submit your video.

Additional Information

Please note that applications for enrollment are only sent to those students who have successfully auditioned for and been accepted to our program.

Additional Information below:

Letters of Recommendation

If you would like to submit letters of recommendation, letters should be sent directly from the person writing the letter on your behalf, and mailed in a sealed envelope to:

Admissions Office
1132 Olympic Drive
Corona, CA 92881

Letters may also be sent via email directly from the person writing the letter on your behalf to [email protected]

Audition Notifications for the Fall of 2018

All candidates will be sent an email notification of their audition results. Below is the notification timeline for all Fall 2018 candidates:

  • Results of initial auditions will be emailed within 30 days of the audition date.
  • Pending invitation to continue in the audition process, applicants will be invited to complete our Self-Perception Questionnaire which will be reviewed by a Comprehensive Review Panel regularly throughout the year in October, December, February, March, April, and June.
  • Final audition results will be sent via e-mail within 30 days following the Comprehensive Panel Review.