Administrative Services

At The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts, the STUDENT is what’s most important. Our incredible staff are always available for each and every student. The nature of our small private college setting and staff to student ratio allows us to spend significantly more one-on-one time with each student; much more than your average college.

Transcript Services

Need to request a transcript?

Please allow 7-10 days for processing.

Requests will not be processed if there is an outstanding balance owed by the student.

Enrollment Verification Request

Are you a current student or alumnus who needs verification of your enrollment?

Financial Aid Advising

The Administrative Office can offer advising for the many financial aid options such as scholarships, FAFSA, student loans and more.

Additional Services

Class Placement

Freshman students undergo an assessment in dance, voice, piano and music theory prior to commencement of instruction. The data is used to group students with similar abilities into sections.

Freshman Academic Advising

In the spring semester of the freshman year, all students complete academic advising to refine educational goals and program planning for the sophomore year.

Transcript Evaluations

Prior to enrollment, previous college coursework can be considered for transfer credit upon receipt of an official transcript from other educational institutions.